Last Saturday, I saw 24th Street Theatre's Walking the Tightrope for my ‘fun and free’ week and ever since – every so often as I go about my daily life – I’ve found myself fondly thinking back on different elements of the play.

The show isn’t actually free, but yet super affordable with the most expensive ticket coming in at 15 bucks. I was luckily enough to have my ticket comped by a friend (and Tightrope's magnanimous Outreach and Marketing Director), however, it's definitely worth the price of admission. And you're under a tight budget, you can use the code “UMBRELLA” for $2 off.

British playwright Mike Kenny’s Walking the Tightrope is a beautiful, poetic unfolding of a little girl named Esme who goes to visit her grandparents every summer, except this summer her Nanna Queenie isn’t there and her grandfather is uncertain how to explain the absence.

With the recurring stanza

Every year

Some things stay the same

And some things change.

and Esme’s endearing persistence, we’re taken on a gradual journey to one of life’s hardest truths – especially for a child.

The performances were so sublime – with Paige Lindsey White as Esme and Mark Bramhall playing Granddad – that Tightrope is in a league of its own as children’s theatre.

Buy your ticket today.